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Cover image for The Boyz Release First Trailer For August Comeback
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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The Boyz Release First Trailer For August Comeback

The Boyz are coming back!

IST Entertainment, The Boyz’s agency, revealed on 22 July that the group will greet fans with a new release in August. A representative for the company stated, “The Boyz will release their 7th mini-album on August 16 and kick start their promotional activities for the comeback.” They added, “Starting at midnight on the 25 July, a variety of teaser content for The Boyz’s comeback will be released including a trailer movie. We ask the fans to look forward to these releases with interest and anticipation.”

On 25 July midnight KST, the first trailer for The Boyz’s first teaser for the upcoming comeback did come out. They uploaded a short video on Youtube titled ‘THE BOYZ 2022 TRAILER Wings Of Desire TEASER 1’. It seems the group is doing unit teasers this time around since only members Hyunjae, New and Haknyeon appear in this video. The title of their upcoming mini album is probably going to be ‘Beware’ since it is one of the tags for the video. Check out the first trailer for the comeback below!

Right before this comeback, The Boyz are holding an encore concert for their first world tour 'The B Zone' at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium for 3 consecutive days (5 August to 7 August). Tickets for all the shows have been sold out and what is even more impressive about this feat is that Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium is one of the largest concert halls in Korea that can seat about 15,000.

This new album will see The Boyz return to the stage after a nine month long hiatus. Their last release, Maverick, came out in November last year.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/IST_THEBOYZ

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