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Cover image for Stray Kids Maxident Pre-order Sales Surpass 2.24 million
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Stray Kids Maxident Pre-order Sales Surpass 2.24 million

Stray Kids surpassed 2.24 million pre-orders for their upcoming album, MAXIDENT, reserving their seat as one of the few Kpop artists who have been able to achieve the title of a double million seller (single album sales surpassing 2 million).

Stray Kids' new album MAXIDENT, which will be released on 7 October, has reached 2.24 million pre-orders as of the afternoon of 28 September. The group became 'JYP Entertainment's first million-selling artists' with their 2nd full-length album 'NOEASY' last year, and won the title of '2nd consecutive million-selling' with their mini-album 'ODDINARY' released in March of this year.

When comparing the sales, Stray Kids’ pre-order numbers for their previous release, ODDINARY, exceeded the 1.3 million mark two days before the official release, whereas, MAXIDENT surpassed 2.24 million copies, an increase of more than 940,000 copies, even with more than a week left before release. K-pop fans around the world are curious about what kind of growth and achievements Stray Kids will achieve through this comeback, which has set sail for success early in the day, with ODDINARY, which ranked first on the US Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ for the third time in the history of K-pop artists.

The new album name, MAXIDENT, is a compound word of the English words 'Max' and 'Maximum' and 'Accident' and 'Incident', meaning a 'large incident' that happened without notice. All of the members, including 3RACHA, the producing team in the group consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, who made all the title songs for Stray Kids, put their names on the new album credit, melting their distinct personality and authenticity.

The title song 'CASE 143' (Case 143), made by 3RACHA, is a love song that Stray Kids presents for the first time as the title song, and has a different charm. The wit of expressing love with the code '143 (I LOVE YOU)' or likening the confused mind to an 'event' because of the first emotion you feel stands out. The speedy composition of the song on the synth line that flows along the chromatic scale is expected to catch the ears of domestic and foreign listeners.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/Stray_Kids

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