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Cover image for NCT Dream To Comeback With Repackage Album
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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NCT Dream To Comeback With Repackage Album

We have some exciting news for NCTzens - especially Dreamzens. NCT Dream is having another comeback with a repackage album!

NCT Dream recently released their second full album, Glitch Mode, with a title track of the same name in late March. Now, the group is preparing to release the repackage version of the album, Beatbox, on 30 May. The album will have a total of 15 tracks - including 11 from the Glitch Mode track list and four new songs - namely, Beatbox, To My First, Sorry, Heart and On the way.

The group revealed a fun sketch book/drawing inspired promotion schedule according to which fans can expect new Image Teasers and Music Video Teasers to come out every single day till the release of the M/V and album at the end of this month.

beatbox schedule

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

NCT Dream released the first set of Dream Squad Studio concept photos on 14 May which showcases the members hanging out together amidst musical instruments.

Dream Squad Studio - full group photos

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

A day later on 15 May, NCT Dream’s official social media accounts uploaded Dream Squad Studio concept photos of members Jaemin, Renjun, and Mark.

Dream Squad Studio - Mark, Jaemin, Renjun

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

On 16 May, the group released Dream Squad Studio concept photos of members Jisung and Haechan.

Dream Squad Studio - Haecha, Jisung

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

On 17 May the Dream Squad Studio concept photos of members Jeno and Chenle were uploaded to NCT Dream’s social media accounts.

Dream Squad Studio - Jeno, Chenle

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

On 20 May, the group released colorful group photos of the Sugar Pop Star concept.

Sugar Pop Star - full group

Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

What do you think about these concept photos? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/nctsmtown_dream

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