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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Kpop Food Shows To Watch While You’re Eating

Mukbangs are a thing for a reason! There is something incredibly satisfying about watching other people enjoy food. If you are a Kpop fan then you will find a lot of content from our favorite idols involving food. Here are some of our favorite Kpop shows revolving around food that you can enjoy watching while you eat.

Master Moon Chef - NCT Taeil ft. Other Members
Many members of NCT are known to be great cooks among fans - namely, Taeyong, Jaemin, Kun and Chenle - and we’ve seen this being demonstrated on multiple occasions. With the ‘Master Moon Chef’ series on the group’s Youtube, member Taeil also showcases his incredible cooking skills. He usually has two other NCT members joining him every episode - one acting as an assistant chef and the other as MC. Although every episode is as hilarious as you would expect an NCT content to be, it is an actual cooking show with Taeil following legit recipes and steps.

Check out this episode of Master Moon Chef featuring members Taeyong and Chenle, both of whom are also good cooks. Here, they cook Manila Clam Kalguksu with head chef Taeil leading them.

Queendom Restaurant - Red Velvet
Another group with multiple members who boast incredible cooking skills is Red Velvet. Although all the members seem to be able cooks, members Irene and Wendy are particularly known for being good cooks. To promote their comeback with Queendom, the group filmed a Youtube series where they run a mini restaurant of sorts. Their staff members come in as customers to the restaurant and members share fun and memorable stories and incidents they’ve experienced as a team while working together. All in all it’s a lightweight but heartwarming show that all fans will enjoy.

Check out the first episode of Queendom Restaurant below!

Flower Snack - The Boyz
Have your Kpop idols launched and run a whole restaurant by themselves? The Boyz have! Flower Snack is a predebut reality show where fans were introduced to The Boyz for the first time. Here, members of the group literally ran an eatery for a few days all by themselves. There are even scenes of them taking classes on how to cook particular food items and coming up with the menu for the restaurant. They wowed us with how good they are at cooking, dealing with and entertaining customers, and running an eatery in general.

Check out the first episode of Flower Snack below!

Mysterious Kitchen - Stray Kids
Stray Kids’ 2020 track God’s Menu went viral within the Kpop community for food and restaurant centric lyrics and music video concept. So, it’s only natural for the group to have a show where they cook - especially with members like Lee Know and Felix who are known for their cooking/baking skills. Mysterious Kitchen is a mini series on their Youtube channel where members Lee Know, Han and I.N read out messages submitted by the other members and make food to comfort them. With Lee Know leading Han and I.N as the main chef, they personify their lyrics, ‘Cooking Like a Chef in a Five Star Michelin’.

Check out the first episode of Mysterious Kitchen below where they read out leader Bang Chan’s letter and prepare food to comfort him with!

Itzy Cozy House
This is a kind of ‘cheat’ mention since Itzy Cozy House isn’t exactly a food show. The members of the girl group run a guest house in Jeju Island for the show. A good portion of the show does show them buying ingredients, contemplating on what to serve for meals that day and cooking so we feel including this show on our list is justified. This feel good show is incredibly relaxing and fun to watch. Dance crew Newnion who appeared in Street Girl Fighter (SGF) and danced to/created the choreography to the song Itzy put out for SGF, Weapon, come in as the first guests and the interaction between Itzy and Newnion is just adorable.

Check out the first episode of Itzy Cozy House below!

Cover Photo: Twitter/Stray_Kids, RVsmtown, ITZYofficial, NCTsmtown, IST_THEBOYZ

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