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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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(G)I-dle Confirm Their Comeback

(G)I-dle is finally coming back!

This will be (G)I-dle’s first comeback in over a year and their first ever activity as a quintet. Their last comeback, Hwaa, was in January 2021. The group has been on a hiatus since former member Soobin left in August last year. However, the members have been active individually.

Leader, Soyeon released a solo comeback, Beam Beam, and is currently a mentor on the MBC survival show, My Teenage Girl. Miyeon has acted in various dramas including Replay, Adult Trainee, Her Bucket List and Delivery while also MCing Mnet’s M Countdown. Yuqi also released her solo tracks Giant, and Bonnie and Clyde. Yuqi, Minnie and Shuhua have also been participating in various activities in their native countries.

News1 revealed in a report on February 17 that the girl group will release their comeback in March. In response to this, (G)I-dle’s management company, Cube Entertainment confirmed the news stating that the group is in fact preparing for the release right now.

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