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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Idol Variety Shows to Watch

Besides releasing good music, Kpop idols also put out comedic and entertaining content that has fans hooked. These shows are also a good way for newer fans to get to know the idols’ personalities. Here are some of our favorite variety shows from Kpop that you can binge on this weekend!

Going Seventeen

If you haven’t started watching Going Seventeen already, you are seriously missing out. The show comes out every Monday and you’ll see Seventeen debate on silly topics, play life-sized chess, play escape rooms (including a haunted escape room), play elaborate mafia games, and roleplay as different characters (like rats and mouse busters, reality show contestants and judges, etc.) among other things. All members of Seventeen are hilarious by themselves and whenever someone makes a joke other members chime in to play it up and make it even more funny. Add to that the on-point editing and the frequent sarcastic remarks by the editors, Going Seventeen rivals comedy variety shows.

To Do x Tomorrow x Together

If you like BTS’ Run BTS!, you will probably like To Do too. It is a weekly variety show of Tomorrow x Together that airs on Mondays. The show started in early 2019 and has aired more than 30 episodes to date. The members of Tomorrow x Together play fun games every episode and gain grape stickers based on their performance (during the games) to gather enough stickers to fill the grape drawings they made during the pilot episode of the show.

Paris Et Itzy

Ever wondered how your favorite idols enjoy a trip abroad? Paris Et Itzy shows you just that! You will see Itzy attending Paris Fashion Week shows, learning how to make macarons, getting their sketches drawn by street-side artists and having a sleepover at a beachside house. The series has five total episodes and aired on Mnet in early 2020.

It’s Awkward But It’s Okay (Awsaz) – NCT

NCT are branding It’s Awkward But It’s Okay as a special content only they can do and honestly, it really is something only a group with 23 members can pull off. The show’s name is a play off the popular K-Drama from last year, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and it brings together two members that are still a little awkward around each other. Two different members sit in another room monitoring the first two members giving them commands to say silly things to each other or do small tasks to make them feel more comfortable around each other.

Two Kids Room

Two Kids Room is a long-running Stray Kids’ web series where the members of the group have casual conversations amongst themselves, usually in a pair. The show has five seasons each with about 10 episodes. After the completion of the fifth season, the group has put out three other seasons with variations of this show – One Kid’s Room, where each episode focuses on one member and all the other members talk about the member in question, Two Kids’ Song, where members created songs (with melody and lyrics) in pairs over the same instrumental, and Kids Room, where members pick their ‘soulmate’ based solely on answers the other members give to their questions.

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