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Here Are All The Dramas And Movies NCT Members Have Acted In

NCT have been a household in the Kpop industry for some time now. The group have been promoting as different units (and in some instances - as a full group) since their debut in 2016 so it’s only natural for some members to try out other activities in the entertainment field. Many idols go into acting a few years into their careers and so have some NCT members. Here are all the times NCT have starred in dramas or movies.

Method To Hate You - Jaemin
Method To Hate You (also known as Way To Hate You) is a web drama that also aired on the Korean cable TV channel JTBC. It came out in 2019 and stars Jaemin as the lead character Han Degang opposite actress Kim Jaein. He plays the role of a student who seems aloof and cold but is sweet and caring to the people he warms up to. This fun drama is available fully subbed on Youtube and it’s pretty short so you can binge watch it in a couple of hours. Jaemin even won Best Korean Actor at the 2020 Seoul Webfest Awards for his performance in the Method To Hate You.

Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker - Doyoung
Doyoung made his acting debut in the third season of Cafe Midnight as the lead character Son Jiwoo in 2021. The idol played an 18 year old high school student who has the ability to see the future. The story takes place in a mysterious and magical cafe in Busan that isn’t located in any maps and only some people can find it. Viewers of the drama loved Doyoung’s portrayal of Son Jiwoo and Doyoung actually went on to debut as a musical actor later that year. Check out the trailer of Cafe Midnight season 3 below!

Dear.M - Jaehyun
Dear.M is a little bittersweet for NCTzens. It was supposed to come out last year but since one of the actors was embroiled in a controversy, its release got pushed back indefinitely. However, we will finally see actor Jaehyun as Dear.M is set to release on 29 June. Jaehyun plays a second year Computer Science undergrad student at a university who is in love with his best friend. The show is apparently a spin-off of the mega popular Love Playlist (season 4 in particular). Check out the trailer for Dear.M below!

Upcoming Projects:

The Shadow - WinWin
Winwin will star in the Chinese series The Shadow which is expected to be a period drama with elements of romance, thriller and fantasy sprinkled throughout. Although further details and airing schedule of The Shadow have not been revealed yet, it is expected to air sometime in 2022.

HiGH&LOW: The Worst X (Cross) - Yuta
Fans were surprised to find out that not only will Yuta be making his acting debut in the upcoming Japanese movie HiGH&LOW: The Worst X (Cross) - he will possibly also be shooting some action scenes for it. The film will show groups of delinquent students from Oya High School and Senokado High School and the rivalry between them. It is releasing on 9 September. Check out the trailer for HiGH&LOW below!

To X Who Doesn’t Love Me - Doyoung
Doyoung is already set to star in his second drama. He will play the male lead Jung Siho, in To X Who Doesn’t Know Me which will release in July. Check out the trailer for the drama below!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/NCTsmtown_127, NCTsmtown

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