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Cover image for 2022 July (2nd Week) Kpop Music Show Winners (12 July, 2022 - 17 July, 2022)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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2022 July (2nd Week) Kpop Music Show Winners (12 July, 2022 - 17 July, 2022)

Here are all the Kpop music show winners for the second week of July 2022. Check out the winner announcements, winners’ performances and encore celebrations below!

12 July, Tuesday - SBS MTV The Show
Enhypen won their first trophy for Future Perfect on The Show on 12 July.

13 July, Wednesday - MBC M Show Champion
Enhypen got their second win for Future perfect at Show Champion on 13 July.

14 July, Thursday - Mnet M Countdown
Nayeon got her second win for Pop! on 14 July’s episode of M Countdown.

15 July, Friday - KBS Music Bank
Enhypen got their third win for Future Perfect on the 15 July episode of Music Bank.

16 July, Saturday - MBC Show! Music Core
Twice’s Nayeon got her third win for Pop! on the 16 July episode of Show! Music Core.

17 July, Sunday - SBS Inkigayo
IVE pick up their tenth win for Love Dive on 17 July’s broadcast of Inkigayo.

*Note: Nayeon and IVE are not promoting Pop! and Love Dive so there are no performances or encore stages of their wins.

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/ENHYPEN, JYPETWICE, IVEstarship

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